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Remember your Inner Magick

Jenna Devine is a wellness practitioner, artist, creator and curator specializing in the transformational and healing power of Sound, Ceremony, Reiki, and Kundalini Yoga.

She created Kalika Moonchild as a safe and healing virtual space filled with objects and experiences to uplift, empower, and bring beauty into the homes and hearts of others.

Kalika Moonchild specializes in creating experiences to support relaxation and stress relief to encourage healing, transformation, and re-connecting to your dreams and inner power.

Reach out to plan your next corporate event, group or 1:1 Session.

Based in the Upper East Side of New York City.

New Moon Intention Setting Sound Journey

Relax and journey within as we set intentions in the New Moon with a Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath! 

We will shift our focus inwards, quietly listening so we may remember our heart’s deepest desires. A fresh start and new beginning emerges from the darkness as we set intentions together, supported by the healing and transformative frequency of 528Hz Crystal Alchemy bowls.

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Inner Magick Full Moon Sound Bath

Register for your COMPLIMENTARY link to the YouTube Live Event & Replay: December 26, 2023 @8pm.

Relax, recharge and connect to your Inner Magick with a Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath.

In the light of the Full Moon, we let go of what no longer serves our greatest good and celebrate with gratitude all that we are.

Relax and welcome inner peace, balance, and joy as we celebrate creating a life aligned with your innermost dreams.

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