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Selenite & Super 7 Transformation Wand

Selenite & Super 7 Transformation Wand

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The Sacred Super 7 Crystal holds powerful healing properties and removes blocks which may be keeping you from your true soul purpose. If you are ready for expansion and transformation, this is the stone for you. It will guide and protect, help to release negative emotions and old patterns, bringing clarity, positivity, creativity and focus.

This stone holds within it 7 different crystals (Amethyst, Quartz, Smokey, Rutilated Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lepidochrosite, Geothite and Cocoxenite), and never requires cleansing or charging.

Paired with a Selenite wand which holds powerful healing properties and will support you in clearing blocks, cleansing space, auras, or crystals, rejuvenation, meditation, and connection to your higher self.

All wands are unique and created by hand with brass wire and ribbon in NYC. When you find the wand meant for you, your heart will let you know.
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