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Selenite & Lumerian Quartz Star Wand

Selenite & Lumerian Quartz Star Wand

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Metaphysical legend states that the ancient civilization of Lemuria encoded these crystals with their messages of love, peace and unity meant to be shared with humanity in future generations. Seeded in the earth and coded with infinite love, it is said that connecting to one of these crystals connects you to a grid which was planted around the world and in the stars and other dimensions.
Messages may be accessed during meditation by running your fingers across the textured striations.
A reminder that love surpasses all space and time, this stone is a master healer and adapts intuitively to the energy needed in your life. Excellent for developing intuition and connecting to spirit guides.

Paired with a Selenite wand which holds powerful healing properties and will support you in clearing blocks, cleansing space, auras, or crystals, rejuvenation, meditation, and connection to your higher self.

All wands are unique and created by hand with brass wire and ribbon in NYC. When you find the wand meant for you, your heart will let you know.
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