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Peace Potion Necklace: Quartz

Peace Potion Necklace: Quartz

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This perfume oil evokes the feeling of sacred ritual, peace and love. The earthy scent is grounding and woodsy, encouraging positive energy while supporting transition to a meditative state.

Carry your Peace Potion with you throughout your day to bring peace and ease stress wherever you are. We fill these beautiful little crystal bottles with our signature oil, available in agate, clear quartz and rose quartz.

All natural ingredients, vegan, small batch. Made in NYC.

Made with organic jojoba oil, this oil is soothing and moisturizing for skin and hair.

Palo Santo, Patchouli, chamomile, quartz crystal and Organic Jojoba oil.

Children love these necklaces, but please keep away from anyone under 3.
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