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Inner Focus Ritual Journal

Inner Focus Ritual Journal

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The St. Soleil journal alchemises the power of focus and mindfulness to host rich, sacred space for intentions to be brought to life and inner expansion to be realised. A grounded journal to lead you on the self-guided path towards the greater 'you'.

Using mindful structure you'll find space to choose focus topics, map spiritual growth, script your reality, prime yourself with affirmations, bring mindfulness to old habits, beliefs and stories; become less reactive, more creative, and less distracted.

Use this as your daily, weekly or monthly inner growth space. You can even combine it with your 3D world to-do lists to create the ultimate hub for life organisation.

We need to learn to move different if we want different - old keys will never open new doors.

Growth can be uncomfortable and confusing as we move away from what we know into new territories of the unknown. Your Journal will hold space for stillness and anchoring along your journey. It's time to move towards your new reality.

“Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”
{Leonard Cohen}

From St. Soleil:
Community, today we embrace our vulnerability in sharing that our new Linen Ritual Journal will be full of light… We unwrapped the first samples to discover an “N” had decided to ghost us in the spelling of the word “Awareness” - a conspicuous occurrence, you say? These were made with so much golden love, we cannot tell you!

Honouring our dedication to craft sustainable creations, we have made the decision to offer these journals to You nonetheless, and invite all of us to embrace the journey of human-ness in its search of perfection… maybe this was the actual reminder the Universe wanted to share!

By the way, have you heard the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken ceramics by mending the cracks with lacquer dipped in powdered gold dust? Well, we are left pondering, what does perfection really mean…

Thank you for embracing us.

• Linen Hard Cover with gold foil details
• A5 Size 21 x 14.8cm / 8.26 x 5.82in
• Certified recycled paper in almond (sustainably sourced)
• Sew binding with eco-friendly glues for extra strength
• Gold foil book/paper edges
• Designed for you, by us in Australia
• Ethically Made & Sustainably Sourced
• 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

{ What You Can Expect To Find Within }
• Double Page Spread
• "My Focus Topics"
• I Am Affirmations...
• Mindful Tasks / To Do List
• Intentions / Scripting
• Gratitude
• Key insights and self reflection
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