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Child of the Universe Oracle Deck

Child of the Universe Oracle Deck

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Child Of The Universe' is a coveted, dreamy 60-Card Oracle Deck and Book Set that bridges the Heavens and Earth. It pulls together celestial and astrological energies to bring you channeled guidance from Universal Source. It calls upon starry-eyed beginners and advanced practitioners alike. The massive 480 page guidebook is an entire 'book' in its own right, here to guide you in expanding your knowledge deep into both the technical and magical realms of Astrology.

Created from astrological based elements, such as the Zodiac, Luna Phases, Planets, Luminaries and Oracle Guidance Cards in order to explore spiritual experience here on Earth. For those called to expand towards the stars, this oracle alchemizes heart based intuition and the technical charts of astrology to bring forward a gift of cosmic rays.

Our Oracle is an opportunity to elevate your sacred space of beauty.

Card Deck --
• 60-Card Oracle Deck in Dusty Pink
• Luxe thick card stock with 'soft touch' finish
• Vegan Sueded drawstring card pouch
• 480pg guidebook in Dusty Pink
• Rose Quartz Tower Crystal
• Organic cotton Tarot Cloth
• Eco-cotton drawstring pouch for safe storage
• Traditional tarot card size
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