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Kalika Moonchild

Bespoke Sessions: 1:1 Sound Bath

Bespoke Sessions: 1:1 Sound Bath

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Relax, recharge and connect to your Inner Magick with a Bespoke Crystal Alchemy Sound Bath.

Sessions are held in person or on Zoom, and offer a safe and private space for you to experience a sound healing experience curated just for you. We can also arrange for a recorded session to be shared with you to access at your convenience. We will coordinate via email to ensure we create a setting where you will be most comfortable and at ease. 

Bowls used in this Sound Bath will help to clear negativity, release what no longer serves, activate creativity, and stimulate connection to your intuitive power. Your session will be held in the frequency of 528Hz which is known to offer benefits of improved sleep quality, reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration and reduced pain/inflammation.

About my Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls:

Sonic Serenity & Joy Set 

This set activates creative inspiration, confidence and a clear sense of self. Attuned to the frequency of unconditional love and total healing, the supportive, grounding and stable energy of Grandfather Ocean Indium create a safe space for remembering and connecting to your life and soul purpose. Infused with Laughing buddha alchemy, this set invokes joy, vitality and optimism while clearing away negativity. Uplifting, harmonizing and balanced with divine feminine and masculine energy, this set encourages serene relaxation while uplifting the spirit with the energy of deep laughter and childlike wonder.

I look forward to creating a safe space for you to re-connect to your own Inner Magick!

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